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Before creating a pull request, be sure that tests are not failing, and that the performance did not degrade (unless there is a very good reason for the slow down).


Git clone the repo and run npm install (the install will be heavier than that of the published package because of dev dependencies)

If you want to be sure that you have the necessary node version installed, use Volta:

curl | bash

More details here:

To run tests:

npm run test

This will also create coverage

To run benchmarks:

npm run benchmark

This will also create screenshots of the benchmarks and will copy the same files into the docs folder.

If you want to only run benchmarks and nothing else:

npm run benchmark:only

To run it into the browser

If you want to try the library into the browser, create a copy of src/dev.example.ts and rename it src/dev.ts (this file will be gitignored)

Then to run it:

npm run dev