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When to use

Use Sructura over Immer in those cases:

  • performance is important to you and immutable states are becoming a bottleneck in your application
  • the state you have to deal with is possibly very huge and complex
  • in serverless functions or in the cloud, because you'd want to cut used resources as much as possible
  • circular and multiple references may be present in your state
  • you prefer not being limited in the return type of the producer
  • modifying the draft and return a portion of it in the same producer is needed
  • you don't want to think about enabling/disabling features you may or may not need
  • forking the library to adapt it to your use case, because the code is small and easy enough to reason about

Disadvantages compared to Immer:

  • less mature, less stable (Structura is still in alpha)
  • test coverage is still not 100%
  • docs could be better
  • does not support IE and pre ES6 browsers and will never do
  • does not yet support some proxy traps and some data structures that Immer supports, but this is very likely to change in the future
  • generated patches are not compliant to any RFC, but in the future this may change or there could be a converter there is already a converter included in the library; besides applyPatches also accept standard JSON Patches